A Theory of Us





"Do our lives have a spiritual meaning? Are they for anything? According to the world’s two largest religions—Christianity and Islam—the meaning of life is to believe in god, to worship him, and to be obedient to his revelation. Doing this is said to be very important, for it will determine whether we are eternally rewarded or punished when we die.

Urging that something far more beautiful is more likely to be true, Timothy Rowe argues in a clear and engaging way for a strikingly different conception of life. 

Our lives, he suggests, are not intended for the worship of a deity, but to help us understand important truths about conscious existence. In bringing those insights before us, life enables us to do something of tremendous spiritual value: to grow and develop who we are.

Blending philosophy together with spirituality, this book presents a vibrant new way of looking at ourselves and the meaning behind our lives—it is a theory of us."