A Theory of Us



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What is the meaning of life? If our lives have a spiritual meaning, what is the most plausible understanding to take of that?




Christianity is the world's most popular religion. What do Christians believe?




Islam is the world's second most popular religion. What do Muslims believe



The Fragility of Good

Human beings are notoriously prone to moral error. Are religious beliefs needed in order to overcome this issue


The Divine Tragedy

When you stand back a little bit, the god of revelation appears to be quite far from divine...



Unity in Being

A familiar mystical claim is that a deep unity underlies all things. Interestingly, philosophy has some things to say here, too. It all starts with beavers, spiders, and termites...



Reconceiving God

Great revolutions in thought have happened from time to time throughout history. One of the most important of all is still needed.



Truth and Religion

For all of its popularity and significance, the case for the truth of religion is far from clear...



The Poverty of God

As religiously conceived, the idea of god is highly problematic. Indeed, it is terrifying...


Is Islam Violent?

The role of Islam in causing violence can be likened to dangerous corner on a road—it can be part of the explanation of a crash, but it may not be the only relevant causal factor.

Maajid Nawaz and the Reform of Islam

Some see hope for Islam in the fact that there are many ways to interpret the Quran. However, not all of them are equal...

Reza Aslan, Religion, and Moral Influence

Does religion shape the way people morally see the world? Some think the answer is no, and that people merely believe out of their religions what they bring to them. There are good reasons to think religion does exert an independent causal effect, however...

The Idea of God Beyond Religion 

The number of people who are 'spiritual but not religious' is growing rapidly in the United States. While some decry it, this may be the start of something positive, for it opens the door to new and interesting collective explorations of the idea of God.

Who Cares?

Our ability to feel compassion is tightly linked to our ability to imagine ourselves in someone else's shoes. However, feeling for others also takes courage...

In Their Rush to Blame Religion, New Atheists Overlook Evil

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg once famously said "with or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion." Reflections from psychology and history show that Weinberg was very much wrong.

The Many Faces of the Burqa

The burqa/niqab is not merely a symbol of female oppression, it is an instrument of it. While unfortunate, this does not necessarily mean it should be banned... 

Quantifying the Terrorist Threat

Statistics have been used in recent years to try and show that the threat from religious terrorism is small when compared with other kinds of events. These statistics need to be interpreted carefully, however...